Anal Sex

More often than not, I hear men complain that their wives or girlfriends won’t let them venture through their back door. Guys try to coax their lovers to let them stick “just the tip” back there, and more frequently, I always hear, “I had to be drunk to do it, and now I can’t walk,” from said lovers. Even though I didn’t experience pain one is expected to feel, when having anal sex for the first time, I understand why it does for most.  From what I have learned, women either hate or love anal sex. There really isn’t an in between, particularly because if it hurts the first time, one isn’t likely to want to try it again. While anal sex can hurt, it really should not. When done correctly, anal sex is extremely pleasurable for both partners. I remember my first time…

I was a freshman in college, and I happened to end up in bed with a senior one night after a party. We were having great sex, when suddenly, in the heat of the moment, I told him, “I want you to stick it in my ass.” Surprised at first, he didn’t hesitate, and as I felt his hard cock slide into my butt, I was overwhelmed with a feeling of…strangeness. Not pain. No, I wasn’t hurting. It just felt strange. This was something I obviously was not accustomed to, but after doing it for a few minutes, I started to enjoy it. I soon discovered a different kind of orgasm achieved through butt sex, and it has become something I love.

The following are some very helpful tips to successfully win with anal. These are the same tips I have given many women and couples, who have a newfound appreciation for it.

  1. Preparation
    Another reason why most people are unable to relax is because of the fear of peristaltic movement aka accidental shitting. Here’s how to solve this problem and put you more at ease. Go to the store and buy an enema. If you don’t buy an empty reusable one, there are boxes that typically come with saline solution already in the bottle. Personally, I prefer to use warm water, but I will break down the different solutions you can use to “clean out.”

    Saline is used to expand the large intestine to allow the release to be greater than it would be with just warm water (my preferred regimen). Repeat this process until you fill the bottle with warm water and everything exiting your rectum is now clear. Note: This may take a few fills to ensure cleanliness.

    Mineral Oil is used to lube the walls so hardened feces can pass through. Note: Blockage can happen due to dehydration. Every time you enema, you are dehydrating your body so be sure to drink water!You don’t have to starve yourself the night before to have a clean booty either. Obviously, if you’ve had Mexican food hours prior or just happened to consume a shitload – pardon the pun – of fiber, there’s a possibility Billy might stumble upon some “gold” if ya know what I mean. It’s nothing a thorough wash-up and cleaning can’t fix!

    The Enema is your friend

  2. Start off Solo
    Sometimes, I get women, who ask me for advice after they have unsuccessfully attempted anal with their partner more than once. They’ve tried everything from switching positions to working it in real slow, and she still feels pain. If you really want to try anal but can’t seem to relax with your partner, you should experiment on your own. Get some anal toys or a dildo and…well, go fuck yourself. I’m serious. No one knows your body better than yourself, and this is a good way to discover what you like and don’t like. Whatever you do, DO NOT USE A BUTT PLUG. The reason for this is because it’s tapered at the bottom, and you’re not really doing anything to your butthole other than shoving something up there that serves no purpose other than acting like a plug. Instead of working your sphincter muscle, all it’s doing is stretching your large intestine with the tapered end of the plug. You want something with a consistent shape like a regular glass dildo, for example, that you can easily slide in and out. Anal sex is an amazing sensation, much different than vaginal. Once you’ve explored your back door on your own, teach your partner what you like about it, and perhaps it will make the experience more enjoyable.
  3. Foreplay
    After you’ve explored anal on your own and you’re ready to take the next step into doing it with someone else, foreplay is key. Whether or not analingus is included, incorporate toys and/or fingers into the mix. Let your partner slide some fingers back there one at a time just like you did to yourself, when you were experimenting alone. Let them use a toy or two on you. You’ll find that this will enhance the experience for you as you’ve already opened yourself up. Foreplay will also relax you and thus make you much more comfortable, when it’s time for real penetration.
  4. Lube
    Use plenty of lube (silicone works best for anal). Why silicone lube? Your intestine will absorb water like in water-based lubes, and you’re left with uncomfortable stickiness, and that’s just not fun. I personally like Gun Oil Silicone lube but even better – coconut oil. Yes, you read that right: Coconut Oil. You can pick up an organic jar from Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods, and it is the best lubrication ever. Plus, it tastes and smells great, so you can’t go wrong. I usually prepare it by placing the glass jar in a sink or bowl full of hot water. The oil will then begin to melt, and you have yourself some delicious lube!