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What sets me apart from other female and male dating coaches is that I date, have sex with, and have been in living relationships with women. When I say I know what women want, I know what women want. Students have witnessed me successfully get women, who claimed they were not into girls. The best part is: I didn’t use any manipulation tactics to get it.

Chronicling her real-life sex adventures on her popular radio show The Dirtiest Girl in the World on SiriusXM 415, Cruz is a former porn star. In 2015, after having worked for a few other dating coaching companies as a female dating coach, wing girl, and sexpert, she decided it was time to do it on her own, using her methods with absolutely no fluff. You won’t get any vague feedback from her either as she is brutally honest with her advice, no matter what level you may be. She has years of experience helping men with sex tips and advice for the bedroom but most importantly, helping many find true and lasting love. Passionate about helping those, who suffer from terrible social anxiety, she knows that she can help anyone as she was once-upon-a-time in those same exact shoes.

Graduating in the top 5 of her class, Cruz wasn’t the confident woman she is today. Quiet, shy and always keeping to herself, she was bullied in grade school. It was in high school that she finally forced herself to be more social by joining more school clubs and sports. Only having had sex with two people, she was on the verge of joining the military upon graduating until she received scholarships to attend a university, where she studied Print Journalism.

In 2003, Cruz broke into adult entertainment as one of its most recognizable performers, when she was 18 and a sophomore in college. Multi-award nominee and winner for AVN, XBIZ and XRCO, she has delivered countless notorious performances on film. She was also ranked 22 in the top 50 hottest Asian porn stars of all time by Complex Magazine. Other appearances include Howard Stern, MTV, Showtime, Cinemax, various music videos and independent films. An avid comic book collector, video gamer and self-proclaimed Batman enthusiast, she has been cosplaying for over a decade.

 Determined to overcome the stereotypes of her erstwhile profession, she’s given lectures on sex positivity at numerous universities and conventions. Annie Cruz wants to help men and women everywhere find whatever it is they may be looking for – Relationships, love or just simply being able to speak to someone of interest. Maybe you’re a virgin or it’s been years, since you last had sex. Perhaps you are recently divorced and forgot what it’s like to be single and talk to people. Whatever your case, Cruz can help you become the Master Seducer you were meant to be.


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